A system approach to sustainable cleaning & disinfecting

The Aquaox cleaning and disinfection process is a systematic method for environmental cleaning and disinfecting that aims at reducing harm to human health and the environment while improving the hygiene of a facilities environment.



Our systems are producing onsite disinfectants and surfactant, based on electrolysis of water and salt. We can offer automated systems that can be used as stand alone systems or as part of an integrated system in your companies production process.



The systems are providing solutions for all your bacteria, virus and mold problem in facilities, food industries, water treatment, agri- and horticulture and livestock.

What is electrolized water


ECA solutions have superior germicidal, biocidal, virucidal, fungicidal and sporicidal properties and are safe for humans and the environment.

10 reasons to choose Aquaox

  1. Provides you the solution for all your bacteria, virus, fungi and mold problems
  2. Lowers the need for conventional chemicals
  3. Aquaox solutions are “green” and biodegradable
  4. Aquaox solutions are safe for user and environment
  5. Reducing costs
  6. Aquaox Systems can be remotely controlled
  7. Consulting on applications and implementation
  8. Over 15 years of experience
  9. Own R&D, production facilities and offices in USA and Netherlands,
  10. Aquaox Systems are used by NGO’