Aquaox offers a range of systems that produces onsite disinfectants and surfactant, based on electrolysis of water and salt.

We can offer automated systems that can be used as stand alone systems or as part of an integrated system in your companies production process.  You have the choice of three systems namely the EA, EC and MOW systems.

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EAW-30-C Device

AQUAOX EAW-30-C-Device is the smallest device in the Aquaox range of Systems. The device is especially designed for usage in facilities, hospitals, cruise vessels, university and school buildings.  The device is pre set and therfore very user friendly. No complicated operation methods, but only a start/stop option.  The device produces  the Aquaox AX 250/275 and AX 112 into small storage tanks. User can fill sprayer bottle, buckets, nebulizers directly at the device for immediate on-site usage. 

EA - Systems

AQUAOX EA- Systems is a reliable standard for the production of Electrochemical Activated Water (ECA) for the use in the agri – and horticulture, intensive farming.

EC - Systems

AQUAOX EC-Systems are fully automated remotely-controlled Mobile Disinfecting Systems that produce onsite ELECTROLYZED WATER in various Facilities, such as: hotels, dairies, breweries, food processing industries and in other highly computerized production processes.

MOW - Systems

The AQUAOX MOW (Mixed Oxidant Water) generator is a durable, high efficiency, self-cleaning on-site generator designed to produce advanced MOW solutions for virtually every water distribution treatment system.